Company history

or the combination of the technical and the marketing skills!

It is the encounter of passions, which brings Alain, who is a Commercial & Marketing specialist, to meet Nicolas, an outstanding Technician. Nicolas benefits of a strong experience, having started his activity as a Technical & Energy Manager at the ESRF of Grenoble. He traveled all over the world, which allowed him to improve his knowhow and his experience within his core activity.

The two men gather a range of different but complementary skills thanks to their respective expertise field, and notably thanks to their international culture. Those major assets allow them to develop a global vision on the Retail universe, its actors, its needs and its trends…

Both of them have the same idea: Put their knowledge and resources in common in order to offer quality construction services, in France and abroad.

From this fusion and the mutual ideas to make beautiful realizations as Handcrafters do, results a strong partnership between the two men.

From the word “Artisans” in French (Handcrafters) which is a type of work where useful and decorative devices are made having a purpose beyond simple decoration intended to be used on a daily life, and the combination of “Privé” (Private) belonging to one particular person or group only. Privartys was then born.